Robotics by MyFIRST Robotics Centre

Science topics are sprinkled throughout all our robotic programs but are more prevalent in our builders of robot or the theme of the day through our robotic instructor programs. Students learn about astronomy, chemistry, physics, earth science, animal life cycles and minerals & ores among other topics in our programs. At Neutron Star Education Group, we make science fun and holistic way of learning.

MyFIRST Robotics Centre

Our mission is to foster complete child development by encouraging children’s best efforts, unlocking their potential under multiple intelligence theory, improving their social skills though teamwork. We believe this will result in excellence and achievement, starting from the individual level, and continuing through family, society, and eventually reaching excellent on the national and even global stage.

At MyFIRST, our vision is to support the development of children to their full potential by providing a supportive environment, taking a holistic approach to child development, and encouraging children to pursue their dreams.

Benefits of Robotics

Robotics curriculum helps create a learning environment where children are motivated by both the design and construction of robotics. Nonetheless, it is important to note that in order to set up a successful robotic education system we should design a multi-step curriculum. If we fail to design a multi-step curriculum the educational goals can become jumbled and children can quickly feel overwhelmed. The objective of robotics education is to help kids adapt to present production processes and automation technology.

  • Learn coding skills: It is a fact that the world is getting more computerized each passing day. Programming tools are used today to abstract and analyse data. People who work in the finance and economics sector need to manage and process lots of data. Marketing was all about big media in the past, however marketers today are going for big data, app development, and consumer behavior tracking. Robotics helps to easily learn programming skills. By learning the basic level programming languages, children are able to understand programming logic and structure that helps, when in future they have to decipher and analyze millions of data .
  • Learn skills helpful in future Employment: There’s most likely that there will be a requirement for people to be engaged with programming mechanical devices in the coming future. The drone industry has taken off. As per the industry figures, over 15,000 drones are being sold in the US every month. By programming robots, children can find if they have the aptitude and interest in a job market of the future.
  • Good way of introducing STEM to kids: By controlling a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, children learn what robots can and can’t do. They also learn the need of specific instructions. Thereby, robotics assists in addressing the rising demand for teaching science, technology, engineering and maths in schools. And also exemplifying technology directly by programming the robot, children are able to learn about science, engineering and maths and get to know how these subjects link together.
  • Help the kids develop teamwork and collaborative skills: As children start working on a robotic project in school, they have to work in a group because one can be good in programming skills but other fields, for example, engineering , technology, and sensors are important as well for building a robot. So, they need to work together with other children as a team. This teaches them the need to listen to others, to gather their valuable inputs.